Our Latest collaboration - Camelot Macaw w/Chicago Pen Company


Francisco and I bumped into these guys on the pen show circuit. Small family business that started with a love of Fountain Pens. This father/son team has come a long way in just a few short years. We developed a great friendship and we look forward to seeing them again when pen shows resume (hopefully)

They had approached us last year (2019) about potentially doing a "Birds of the World" pen.. a series they started and would feature American custom makers. We were quite interested, naturally. Surprisingly enough, we got to pick the bird and pour the resin... we were quite  humbled by this. Elyce (@starrynightresins) poured a few sample blanks which were an immediate hit!

As time progressed and the country went into lockdown mode, we tabled the idea until later in 2020. We picked it back up again around August/September and went to work on finalizing the design.

The size and shape is based on our Cyprium model. It features an Orange plated pocket clip and nib. Also features our finial medallion in rose gold/black.

Jim and AJ (Chicago Pen Co) arranged for the incredible presentation yo see in the picture, making this a complete package.  We are very proud of this pen, it really captures the beauty of this bird.

There are still a few available, numbered series 1-20. See TheChicagoPenCompany.com for more details and to order.