Welcome to the new store...

You may have noticed a new look and feel about our online store. We were previously using software called OpenCart. This is a great package, and served us for about 3 years. Unfortunately, due to a recent release, they broke some very key functions that the site depends on. 

For those that do not know this, I am a Software Engineer by day, and while I am pretty good at it, I simply did not have the time needed to debug, re-write, or simply re-create  the functionality we need.

Therefore, I spent my Sunday migrating the entire shop (products, customers, orders, etc) to this new platform. While it's early yet, I'm quite pleased with the results. There are still some areas we need to tweak, fill in images, some text, all-in-all, getting it done in a day was better than expected.

Now, this will let me focus on our upcoming Arkansas show and a small backlog of custom orders. The Arkansas Pen show is the weekend of March 13th, and is one of my favorite shows.

Look for me to leverage the blog to keep y'all updated on activities happening around the shop and our show schedule.